Some people consider the odour of these flowers to be unpleasent but that is a very minor flaw in an otherwise beautiful and highly useful ornamental landscape tree. They produce white flowers like blossum abundantly in early spring each year creating a stunning wonderland affect if planted en masse. We are specialists in the environmentally sustainable production of premium quality advanced landscaping trees and screens. In addition to being popular as a fruit, they have some useful characteristics of shape and disease resistance. We have good numbers any time of year in 30cm, 40cm, 50L, 100 & 200 litre bags. November 2020 − The gates to our nursery remain closed to the GENERAL PUBLIC. D’Anjou has a firmer texture than Bartlett and won’t change color as it ripens (so you have to check the neck). So be careful with application of fertilizer, in general good soil structure before planting is the best preparation. All varieties offer the year-round charm of an ornamental pear and all display the unique features that define this wonderful tree genus. The Qtee pear is a cross between a Williams pear and Broket July and its unique flavour profile is expected to resonate with consumers. Characteristics: Barlett … Our growing range has been selected to offer 'best in type' based on performance, shape and size. Ripe … With over 400 tree varieties for review, the Treefinder app enables you to conveniently browse and compile a list of trees suitable for a number of common landscaping uses - from attracting birds to creating a formal screen or hedge. View Print Version. Receive all the latest news, product information, collections, projects, tips and special offers straight to your inbox each month or so. 30. A beautiful medium sized tree with a broader spread than the likes of 'Capital' at 3-6m. The main problem of pear trees not fruiting can be caused by over fertilization which causes vigorous growth of the tree, but does not encourage fruiting. All varieties offer the year-round charm of an ornamental pear and all display the unique features that define this wonderful tree genus. AP09026: Commercialisation of Pear Varieties _____ plantings at DEPIV Tatura. Many varieties require cross pollination, ornamental pears can act as cross pollinators for fruiting types. Varieties include: Manchurian Pear, Bradford Pear, Capital Pear, Aristocrat Pear, Chanticleer Pear, Redspine Pear & Snow Pear Ornamental pear trees produce fruits but they are small and hard, testament to the fact that these trees are not grown for their fruit. CONTACT US. However they do cope with poorer soils. Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia also produce some pears. D’Anjou: This winter pear variety is egg-shaped and green in color.We call it a “winter” pear because it replaces summer varieties like Bartlett and Starkrimson in supermarkets each winter, and also because it harvests after all the summer varieties are complete (in October). Early Pear Varieties. Our other Pyrus selections offer a more rounded form. The pear was sacred to two Greek goddesses, Hera and Aphrodite; according to Pausanias, writing in the second century A.D., one of the oldest statues of Hera was carved of wild-pear wood. Pear trees come in many varieties, and are broadly classified as either European or Asian. As such, they are a widely used ornamental urban tree. Lastly we have Pyrus 'Nivalis' (Snow Pear) growing 8 metres tall by 5 metres wide. This is a popular and beautiful tree particularly planted as a single specimen where its shape, colour, flower and leaf can be fully appreciated. Packham – Mid season that requires cross pollination, Beurre Bosc – Mid season and excellent as a dessert pear, Josephine – Very late season, sweet and juicy, requires cross pollination. App Store Access to the new pear rootstock Quince Eline®, and new trials of the latest apple and pear varieties and new generation rootstocks, are just some of the exciting activity the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) has underway this … Another cultivar of Callery pear, Chanticleer is a more compact tree than Bradford, reaching 25 to 35 feet in height. Pyrus nivalis has narrower, slightly greyish foliage and is smaller in height than the others here. Pyrus 'Cleveland Select' at Chadstone Shopping Centre Melbourne. Packham pears are also Australia’s most popular export pear, now available under the Goulburn River Gold ® brand. Ornamental Pear Trees – Wholesale Nurseries. Growing your own Pears is a great way of providing fresh fruit being available. Winter Cole – Probably the latest variety of all. 2013/14: Complete evaluation in Australia. Shorter at around 8 metres tall by 4 metres wide it is probably not as ornamental as the others mentioned but it is the earliest of all our Pyrus to flower. Anjou pears have a mild flavor and a firm texture, while still being sweet and juicy. Most Pyrus is popular and this one is a favourite selection. Beautiful flame red foliage in autumn and white blossoms with a pink eye in early spring. One of America’s leading commercial pear varieties, Bartlett is a favorite dessert and canning pear. The following table lists compatible pollinators for selected pear varieties taken from a number of sources including Apple & Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) - the … Of those, only ten principal varieties are grown commercially in the Pacific Northwest, accounting for 80% of the US fresh pear production (NASS 2019 NCTF Report).These varieties were selected based on quality traits and compatibility with our growing conditions. Oval shaped green leaves hang from branches that are more open on the tree. Ornamental pears (Pyrus) are among the hardiest and easiest to grow of all garden trees, able to tolerate low levels of drought and intermittently wet sites including clay soils. ORNAMENTAL PEAR PROFILE SHEET Call 1300 787 401 Ornamental Pears are fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular trees. Chanticleer pear is suited to USDA hardiness zones 5 to 8. Their open and upright structure lends well to their use in formal settings, such as along city streets, shopping centres, office parks, and industrial parks. Two new pear varieties from Australia are being propagated for testing in the United States. Download the app from The tree has stronger branches that are less apt to break than other cultivars of ornamental pear, making it a good choice for homeowners. Pears, however, need less attention than apples in matters of pruning and insect control and are more tolerant of moist soil conditions. Pears prefer a climate with a cool winter. This is a semi deciduous medium growing ornamental pear that holds leaves well into late winter. The Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) is a deciduous species of pear native to China and Vietnam. We're here to help if you need any advice on selecting the perfect tree for your next project. "Pear varieties vary in sensitivity towards fresh-keeping products" Pear is a climacteric fruit with a post-harvest ripening period, and is very sensitive to temperature and ethylene. In summer, the foliage is dark green and very smooth, and in autumn, when temperatures cool, their foliage commonly turns a range of brilliant colors, ranging from yellow and orange to more commonly red, pink, purple, and bronze.

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