Fajri is a large sized mango which is differentiated on its quality of being fiberless and relatively less aromatic. Some believe that adding a pinch of pink salt to meals or drinks can help the body achieve best fluid balance and prevent dehydration. It is also grown in Mardan, Peshawar and D I Khan. The design and durability of Pakistani white marble stone make it important for use in construction and many other purposes. SAREMCO SPORTS exports a large quantity of Cotton,non-woven fabrics, polyester ,nylon, TC, chequer fabric, cotton, acrylic, PU,stripe fabrics, camouflage fabric,  washer, and all other types of sports caps which are manufactured in most competent and professioanl environment and is preffered by most of players around the glob. Dusehri is slightly aromatic. White marble is very much liked for use as a floor covering. About SAREMCO Impex (Pvt.) Lower blood pressure2. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand all enjoy the mango in its natural form as special measures are taken for their growth. DUSEHRI . Himalayan Dark Pink salt is a type of salt that's naturally pink in color. It is grown in several places including India, Pakistan, Ecuador, Egypt, Nepal, and the US. Fajri Mango is a big sized mango which is differentiated on its quality of being fiber less and relatively less aromatic. Discover the latest trends in Mango fashion, footwear and accessories. By Adding Dark pink Himalayan Coarse salt in meals or drinks can help the body attain ideal fluid stability and stop dehydration. FAJRI. Availability is from 20th May to 10th July. This big mango is a great source of obtaining a lot of pulp from a single fruit. Use: Home Decoration, Business Gift, Christmas Gift, Complete Set: Wooden Base, Electric Wire, Electric Rod, Electric Bulb. $800.00 - $1,200.00 /Ton. Some of the most popular ones are listed below: • LANGRA • AMAN DUSEHRI • ALPHANSO, BOMBAY • SAMMAR BAHISHT • FAJRI KALAN • MUHAMMADWALA • SAMMAR BAHISHT CHAUNSA • RATAUL (ANWAR) History. Dissolve and eliminate deposit to remove toxins. Himalayan Salt comes from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Pulp is fiberless. Find Fresh Fajri Kalan Mango from Pakistan complete basis & contact information, business offers, availability & related Agriculture products. Saremco Impex Pvt. Pakistan cultivates mangos in high amounts. Sindhri is very famous mango variety from Pakistan and Among the Best Mangoes of the World. Multan Royal Mangoes is a prominent exporter of mangoes in Multan, Pakistan. The mangoes from Multan are well known all over the world for its quality traits due to its geographical positioning. Export Quality Fajri Mangoes From Pakistan $ 0.40 - $ 0.80 /Kg Fajri Mango is a big sized mango which is differentiated on its quality of being fiber less and relatively less aromatic . Help the intestines to absorb nutrients, 4. Ltd. Is the Corporate Partnership division of SAREMCO Group of Companies. It is also grown in all the North Indian states and the state of Punjab in Pakistan. Fajri; Quality of Mangoes in Pakistan Mangoes are easily the most popular summer delicacy in Pakistan . Unlike the round, bright red mangoes available outside Asia, the ones that grow in Pakistan are bright yellow and shaped like a kidney. Today Price of Fajri Mango Price in Lahore City. The industries which need pulp in a large quantity in making of other foods and beverages like mango juices and other drinks, jams, pickles, chutneys and sauces etc. Fajri is a large size mango. As compared to other varieties of mangoes, it is naturally verysugary and soft. Philippine is another one of the top mango producing countries with a production of 825,676 million tons in a single year, 2011 which is world’s 3.6% of total mango production. 3. Availability is from 15th June to 5th August. Sindhri Pakistan has a rich tradition of mangoes- mango is a native of the Indian subcontinent which includes Pakistan. 4. The size of the seed is small and oval in shape. The fruit has a rich, tender texture, and low fiber content. Call/WhatsApp: +923411114333, +923411114555, +923411113777, Form: Powder, Crystal, Grains, Granular, Souji Salt, Packaging: Bag, Bottle, Jar, Pouch Rapper, Zip Pouch (Also Customized), Brand Name: Saremco Impex Private Limited, Size: 2-5 mm, (also Customized Sizes), 0.2-0.4 mm, (also Customized Sizes), Packing Type: (PP Bags 25, 30, 50 kg Bag), (Bottle & Jar 0.5 kg, 1 kg, pouch), Granular Salt Bottle & Jar (0.75$ for 1 kg, 0.65$ for Half Kg), Souji Salt Bottle & Jar (0.49$ for 1 kg, 0.39$ for Half Kg). SAREMCO SPORTS provides premium quality sports caps to the importers all around the world. Keep the water boiling for 2 to 3 mins till the sugar dissolves and turns into a … We offer customized products and facilities in the light of your precise requirement and necessity, supply your bulk order of any size and quantity. require a large quantities of Fajri Mangoes all around the year in order to meet their high mango-pulp needs. Pakistan exports mangoes of around a dozen varieties including Sindhri, Summer Chaunsa, White Chaunsa (late variety), Fajri, Ratawala/112 (late variety), Kaiser, Anwar Ratol and … Help the intestines to absorb nutrients3. The Florigon tree is vigorous. But recently Philippine mango production dropped down to only 400,000 million tons yet Philippine accounts for a huge share of dried mango production and is among the top mango producing countries. The Ambassador added that there were over 110 varieties of high quality Pakistani mangoes including Sindhri, Anwar Retaul, Lungra, Malda, Dusehri, Fajri, Chaunsa and others. Mango is 2 ndlargest crop and 2 ndlargest exported fruit from Pakistan.

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