To do this, use a wrench to separate the dish from the footplate where it is mounted. If there are elements obstructing your dish’s clear view of the satellite, contact a professional to remove them, or call a DIRECTV installer at 888.388.4249 to relocate your dish. We are dedicated to serving the State community of Albuquerque NM . Since we provide pricing before you book your satellite dish removal, you know exactly what to expect, making LoadUp your go-to modern solution to traditional junk removal. Prices start out low and end up going up. See each page for additional details. However, the New York Post reports that DoJ regulators in its antitrust division recently informed executives of AT&T that a marriage between DirecTV and Dish would likely have to wait until faster 5G wireless service is more widely available in rural markets. 2 reviews of Directv Satellite Dish Removal "This is probably the first spot to get Satelite TV. They don't tell you that when you become a customer that you are on your own to remove the satellite dish and that's probably because they will lose customers. That will ensure you won't have any leaks. DIRECTV & DISH. To remove ice from your satellite dish Gently applying warm water is the best method for removing ice from a satellite dish. Moving it just a bit can mean the difference between a strong signal and no signal at all. Remove these and the dish will easily slide out. They can harm the dish and are ineffective. standard satellite dish removal Standard satellite dishes are receivers that are typically 19" – 24" inches in diameter. Satellite Dish Removal in Chicago, Directv Dish Removal, Dish Network Dish removal - We do it all. ©2020 AT&T Intellectual Property. We also work with local communities to help make eco-friendly disposal an easy choice. These satellite dishes are generally provided by DirectTV or Dish Network, but similar satellite receivers come standard with WildBlue, Hughesnet, and other services. Satellite dishes that are no longer in use are just an eyesore on your property, but are challenging to remove on your own because they are very heavy, located on difficult to reach areas of the roof, and improper removal can damage the roof. DIRECTV’s base plan, called Select, has 155 channels and is also available for $59.99. Sign up. That is up to the customer, if they so choose to remove the dish. Find a Satellite Dish Professional near you. Skip the disposal fees from the facility and save time while still reducing the impact satellite dish disposal has on the planet. Took maybe 10 mins tops to complete it all. Terms Privacy, Local Truck Driving Jobs No Experience Needed Near Me, LoadUp’s Truck Sharing App For Consumers and Truck Drivers. According to a representative from DISH, “The dish, or antenna, is the property of the customer.”. For this reason, most people choose to remove old satellite dishes from their home after they get rid of their satellite cable. Our average cost for satellite dish disposal starts at $80 Check Price. Designed for Directv Slimline antennas but used on reflectors similar in shape. Search. Bottom line, only the receiver/client boxes are leased and sent back to DirecTV for as long as they are returnable models. Has anyone had an experiencing removing a satellite dish? And, if you can safely reach the dish, it's just a matter of removing a few bolts to remove the mast and dish. The DIRECTV dish should now be ready for complete removal. 4.3 out of 5 stars 35. To remove the dish correctly, first loosen the bolts and nuts holding the dish to the mounting bracket and gently lift it off to remove the dish separately from the mount. No worse than any other cable company. Let’s move on how to Adjust Azimuth of the satellite dish adjustment. They would not move it, so we cancelled our subscription and went back to Uverse. Unfortunately, we tend to trust our satellite service providers with the installation and don’t take the matter into our own hands even after that. App Developers. Old Satellite Dish Removal. Just like your TV set, refrigerator, washer/dryer, radio, etc. While others won’t come to you, we always will! Drop it off at an e-waste facility or book a satellite dish removal company like Loadup. We can help any time, visit There are several different satellite dishes, which range in size from 18 to 36 inches. Satellite providers do not keep a database on all possible contractors in the country who might remove the dish, or all the individual recycling centers that may take it. If a usable satellite dish you might get a TV Service - Satellite company to removeit cheaper if the dish is reusable by them. Did you cut the cord with your satellite dish service provider? These satellite dishes are generally provided by DirectTV or Dish Network, but similar satellite receivers come standard with WildBlue, Hughesnet, and other services. 2 Reviews (808) 568-2608 Website. 50. Due to safety concerns, we can’t remove them from roofs, but will work hard to provide the best solution with our affordable, in-home dish removal services. Planning to travel? While you’re getting rid of junk from outside of your house, the more you get rid of the more you save, so check out all the other junk we can take. For this reason, most people choose to remove old satellite dishes from their home after they get rid of their satellite cable. If you are not the former customer that ordered the service, I would proceed as follows: Call the company that owns it. However, many disposal facilities are limited in the e-waste they can dispose of, so for a fast and reliable solution, book LoadUp’s satellite dish removal professionals online to swing by and pick up your old DISH or DirecTV network receiver for disposal as soon as tomorrow. This is unacceptable, and Directv needs to change this, or they will continue to lose customers. Many people believe it is the responsibility of the satellite service provider to remove the equipment since they are the ones who installed it, but this is not the case. Leaf Removal Services. $795.00 $ 795. A few service providers such as DISH Network provide satellite dish recycling, but if your service provider doesn't, you can recycle your old satellite dish at a local e-waste site. Nationwide Junk Removal | Become a Loader ❯, Available Territories Resources My Account. Yep, SOP for DIRECTV. Clearly, Direct TV does not remove satellite dishes, nor can they even provide any contact or information about who to ask to do it. **Price listed is an average and may change depending on location. I am so glad I did. I hate I ever used them for a service since I have to spend money to have a contractor take it down! Freelance Web Designers. Magnetic Satellite Dish Heater. Directv Dish Removal Chicago, Satellite antennas are used primarily to receive signal from the satellites, which is why they are used for satellite TV in many households nowadays. Direct … Helpful guides for proper disposal and recycling. It is so that I do have to send back to ATT their Direct TV box  which has been installed in my living room as long as I have had their dish, claiming the box is their property. Satellite and Antenna Removal Services and Pricing. But if removing it, you will have to take out at least 4 big lag bolts that are screwed into your shingles and roof deck and hopefully covered in tar. LoadUp offers nationwide junk removal services in 47 states across the country. If you’re looking for “satellite dish recycling near me,” we bet you’d take the fast but still eco-friendly way to get rid of a satellite dish. All rights reserved. Re-place the satellite dish gently on the mast and re-tighten the support sleeve nuts but still movable. Simply tell us what junk items you need removed and get a guaranteed upfront price when you call or book online. Once the job is done, you can even rate your removal experience. Long answer: There are normally four or six bolts or screws that hold a domestic satellite dish in place. With our landfills growing by millions of tons each year, it’s important to LoadUp that we strive to take care of satellite dish disposal with the environment in mind. Originally Answered: How do I remove a DIRECTV satellite dish? According to a representative from DISH, “The dish, or antenna, is the property of the customer.”. Heavy Duty Magnet. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Yeah, but what if the dish is already there when you move in, so you’re not the person who originally installed it? Your Satellite & Internet Local Retailer. Plus, the more junk and satellite dishes you get rid of, the more you save. Someone who stares at the home for so long they find a dish unpleasant, has too much time on their hands in my book. Once your dish has been totally disconnected and removed from the roof, we’ll haul it away for proper disposal! Our removal services include standard satellite dishes, large satellite dishes, small TV antennas and very tall antenna towers. But if removing it, you will have to take out at least 4 big lag bolts that are screwed into your shingles and roof deck and hopefully covered in tar. In some cases, you can return the dish directly to the service provider, but in others, you must uninstall and recycle the satellite dish on your own time. Satellite providers do not keep a database on all possible contractors in the country who might remove the dish, or all … Whether you book today or next week, watch the video below to see how our disposal services work for you. Call your local e-waste disposal facility to find out if they recycle old satellite receivers and what the disposal fee may be. DTV been doing this for twenty odd years doubt it change, the dish comes with the house just like the water heater. Getting rid of old satellite dishes and progressing to on-demand entertainment is easy. Need a new installation please visit Mission: Providing exceptional service with honesty and transparency. You can also sign in to your account and stream TV or watch on demand with our mobile app on all your favorite devices, like your laptop, phones, and tablets. This is definitely my last year with Directv because of their unethical practices! All of this information is readily available in the customer agreement that you are sent with your order confirmation prior to installation. Your Loaders will arrive on-time at your location and work quickly to haul away your items from inside your home with no price haggling. has been visited by 100K+ users in the past month The #1 RATED Satellite Dish Removal Company in Orange County and San Diego is Coastal Hauling.. We are happy to Remove Cables on the inside and outside of your home or business.. With every antenna removal, we seal the roof or structure to prevent any future leaks. Direct TV came out and installed a satellite dish and service last Saturday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------, New to the AT&T Community? IIRC there is a single bolt that holds the mast/dish to the mounting plate. Will these satellite companies come here and dig that shit up if I ask them or is it simple enough for me to dig it up and clip whatever wires are running -- I assume there's nothing powered running through the wires? 2. Roofing Contractors. Learn more ❯, What We Take ❯ Electronics Disposal ❯ Satellite Dish Removal. While you can pay the satellite company to come to your house and remove your dish, the process is simple enough that you may want to save a few bucks and try it yourself. Operates off 110 volts. The best way to dispose of a DirecTV satellite dish or any satellite dish is through an electronic-waste (e-waste) recycling program. We are more than happy to present to you a Dish Removal process from around the country.Just check our video or go to LoadUp professionally disposes of your old items in the most eco-friendly way possible. Cut the cable where it comes out of the ground and enters the house as well if you like. Will the Dish Network dish assembly fit in the same holes as my Directv dish? They don't come out. I think it's ridiculous that they won't come out and get it off the roof! I was really tired of my current entertainment provider, and I was getting charged an arm and a leg. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für DirecTV & Dish Heavy Duty magnetische Sat Schüssel Heizung mit integrierter Thermostat bei eBay. Any help would be fantastic. I have the same issue with Direct TV they won't come out to remove this satellite dish from my roof saying it's my property when it's their piece of equipment! FREE Shipping. Residential & commercial dish & antenna removal, disposal & recycle in Los Angeles and Southern CA. If you can do it safely yourself, after fourteen days take it down. If it's a slimline dish you could sell it and the lnb online or on Craigslist for maybe $50. It isn't connected to the house in any way (we're on cable), and in addition to being unsightly, it makes for a … ATT has charged me $10.00 per month for 5 years for my   use of the high definition dish they installed on my roof, and, now that I am moving, they will not take it away, claiming it is my property. I hate I ever used their service! If there were a hoard of dishes on the roof, I might raise an eyebrow but having one, or maybe two (internet as well for some rural areas) is fine. Discover the Satellite Dish Removal Guy difference. Now they say that we have to hire a Satellite Removal Service to take down the dish. They do everything by phone and they are pretty good. DIRECTV offers the #1 satellite TV service in the nation to watch entertainment, breaking and local news, weather, and more at home on the big screen. For instance, Dish’s base plan, called America’s Top 120, features 190 channels and is available for $59.99 a month for two years. *I am not an AT&T employee, and the views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. We simplified junk removal to bring decluttering and saving money together. Single Family Unit. Remove the actual dish. Select a convenient pickup date and time you want your Loaders to arrive based on your schedule, or choose curbside pickup to skip the appointment and save money. Give us a call or enter your zip code here to immediately find out how much your satellite dish removal costs with LoadUp. We offer up-front pricing, punctual service, and the level of care and attention you deserve. On the other side since the dish stays a long time, with any settling of the house or weather over the years, satellite providers do not want to deal with possible damage after the fact in attempting to remove. For a faster, affordable solution, book an eco-friendly professional satellite dish removal service like LoadUp to take care of the hassle for you. Ok people, bottom line the receiving dish like most other things you install in your home is an owned appliance. Can I remove an old satellite dish? Book Online, © 2020 LoadUp Technologies, LLC. Answer: Tenant. You cancel your landline phone, the phone company doesn't come to remove the phone box on the place or remove the lines or phone jacks, they just turn the service off and you only return a internet modem if leased (or perhaps the phone itself if from the really old days). Once they left, it was pointed out that this was in violation of our home's deed restrictions. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party. Even if you voluntarily remove the satellite dish, given the facts you presented, I don’t think you would have much of a case for a reduction of rent at the Rent Board based upon a substantial decrease in housing services because the landlord did not provide the service in the first place. Since broken satellite dishes can leak toxic chemicals into the environment, it’s highly recommended to recycle old satellite dishes. The only wires on it or coax type wire.

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