When the curling wand came out, my guess is many of you (like me) were quite confused. Thanks for the advice and information! Hairinsights.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Rechargeable vs butane curling iron. Wrap the strand of hair around the wand and hold it for 5 seconds. We are going to do a comprehensive analysis of the debate of curling wand vs curling iron and give you the information that you need to know in order to make an informed and educated decision. You hold a curling iron differently than a curling wand. Hi, friends! Here are several advantages and disadvantages when you’re using curling iron: There are two kinds of automatic curling iron that provide you will beautiful curls. I like having both in my tool box so I can use the iron when I want my hair to look more polished, like for an event or for work. Great article!!!!! For example, a curling wand does not have a holding clip, heats up faster, and gives very smooth curls in contrast with a traditional curling iron. If you’re trying to find out which one is better, you’re in the right place. When you decide to curl your hair with a curling wand instead of a curling iron, they do have a tendency to stay in the hair longer and last throughout the day much better. So you've realized just how difficult your 20s are. You should also have a working knowledge of how to use a curling iron, just in case you use a traditional curling iron. Before you use a curling wand, you need to know how to use a curling wand so that you don’t mess up your hair or burn yourself. I love Oribe Texturing Spray. Curling wands have a number of features and characteristics that you should be on the lookout for when deciding which one to get. Great question! This is the question that we’re going to answer using a comprehensive analysis of each tool and determining both the benefits and drawbacks of each. Your email address will not be published. In Regular vs. Automatic Curling iron, you should choose according to what you need. A curling wand has no clasp and is used to create natural waves. Curling wands have a greater range of motion than their flat iron counterparts since there is nothing to hold the hair in place. It’s time to tackle the growing dilemma of curling iron vs. curling wand. This is the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all sites), for more info simply search in gooogle: murgrabia’s tools. The wand is my favorite for weekends or casual hangouts. My curling iron clamp broke off so I guess I have a wand now. A curling iron can be easily distinguished by looking at the clasp, which lets you create tight or loose ringlets. Our Conclusion about Curling Wand vs Curling Iron. Curling Wand vs Curling Iron | Head-to-Head Hair Tools Comparison. Well, I prefer the curling wand, for me is more easy to handle and I specially I have the one from amazon, is easy and fast. The curling iron and curling wand are two amazing hair styling tools that provide astonishing results. The first being the curling wand doesn’t have a clamp to hold hair in place which eliminates the crease. I personally think the curling wand Karmin is the best ;). I titled this post Wand vs Iron, but I wanted to tell you about my experiences with comparing the curling wand, iron, and the straightener. The Curling Wand. I'm Amanda, founder of Advice from a 20 Something. I think I like curling wand better because it looks naturally on my already wavy hair. I found that it looks A LOT more natural than a curling iron curl. A curling wand, on the other hand, does not have a clasp and helps you create natural waves. The time is spent rolling up the hair, not waiting for the rollers to cool. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I may need to just keep practicing! On the other hand, ceramic spreads heat evenly throughout the hair. If you choose to style your hair with a curling iron, you cannot do anything else. For short hair, I wouldn't go smaller than a 1" barrel, and for longer hair, I wouldn't go smaller than a 1.25" barrel for the beachy wave look. To get a beautiful and luscious curl, I have used both curling wand and curling iron. With a curling iron, the cord should be down, and with a curling wand, the cord should be up. The timing of this post is also great because I was thinking on getting a curling thingy but didn’t know if I should go for iron or for wand. Investing in quality hair care products and styling tools is important if you want healthy and gorgeous hair. The waves the curling iron created are a bit more polished and bouncy, while the curling wand created more relaxed, natural waves. With a curling iron, the cord should be down, and with a curling wand, the cord should be up. Curling is a lot faster with a curling tool than it is a flat iron. Thank you for your this great article, i will recommend it to my friends. This is a real feature for those who are in big hurries in the morning and need something to work very fast. It took me the longest time to figure out how to hold each and you made it so simple by indicating where the cord goes on each. Here’s how each one differs from the other: Curling irons with rechargeable batteries. Another factor to consider is the width of the curling iron/wand. The curling wand heats up much faster than the curling irons with stronger heat, and therefore, better results. You might want to use gloves in order to avoid burning your hands. It helps to make smaller, tighter curls at the end of the hair, which is ideal for most people. posted on March 9, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein. This means that it won’t put a crease in your hair where the clip comes down and your hair comes out looking better than if you were to use a curling iron. There are a lot of tutorials and videos out there to get those perfect beach waves but not much on comparing the methods or explaining the technique of each method. Personally I prefer curling wand . Unlike the iron kind, the curling wand, also known as the hair wand or clipless iron, typically expands in size as the user goes down the barrel’s diameter. Which do you prefer or would you use both? I Want One For Christmas & I Was Wondering Which Will Be Better? Oops my G from the word great got separated! Generally speaking, a curling iron takes just a couple of minutes for the barrel to heat up to the adequate temperature to start curling hair. If you are looking for the best curls, then there’s not much doubt that the best choice is going to be a curling wand. Genius. Tresemme makes a strong hold one that still leaves your hair feeling natural. People often favor using a curling wand over a curling iron because of the tourmaline, ceramic and titanium plates it’s offered in. Which one is best for your hair? Your curls are important: from the night out to the night in to the casual day on the beach, your curls can add a ton of bounce to your style. Your email address will not be published. Curling Iron vs Curling Wand — Which is Better? A curling iron has a clasp and is used to create polished ringlets (tight or loose). A curling iron is certainly the most traditional method of curling hair, but what exactly does it still have to offer? All content copyright 2020, Advice From a 20 Something. Hair Stylist: Curling Wand vs Curling Iron. Some are better than others for specific tasks while some are better than others overall. When it comes to curling irons, there are a few different materials that can be used for the surface of the heating plate. This will determine how big or small the curls that you make are, so it’s an important feature to keep track of when shopping for a curling iron. What is this thing? I hope you enjoy the video! We’ll break curling irons down piece by piece to see what they offer for each characteristic. It’s offered in a conical or cylinder or reverse-cone shape. I have an irregular obsession with dogs, an oversized sweet tooth, and am so not a morning person. Gonna reccomend this article to many of my friends.. Pingback: The Ultimate Guide to Styling Straight Hair. First, let’s decipher which tool is which. The curls made with iron have the luster and the crispness which is required in the curls. It works pretty well! The Efficiency Debate: Hot Rollers vs Curling Iron. Let's figure this whole life thing out together. So, what do you think? What is the difference between a Curling Wand and a Curling Iron? Types of Automatic Curling Iron. When choosing between curling irons and hot rollers, always get the one that’s easiest to use. Curling iron is a hair styling tool that has existed for far longer than curling wand in the market. EDIT: get a wand that has a full size barrel as opposed to the one that goes from bigger to smaller... something that has a constant size throughout! The disadvantage is that they do pose a risk of burning your hand. your traffic, you can earn extra cash every month with new monetization method. I use a curling iron and love it as I don’t have to hold my hair with my other hand (so it comes down to laziness for me!) For a faster curl, the curling wand is better, but for a better-looking hair, the curling iron is better. I love this type of posts, it helps so much because I never knew the difference. In case of a curling wand, the smoothness is less as compared to curling iron. Written by Sanya Hamdani Oct 26, 2020. Curling wand vs. curling iron – What’s the difference and which one should you pick. But have not used the curling wand in the past. The main differences are the types of curls you can create, the design of the styler, and the technique required. The wand is actually really nice for big natural looking waves and it holds really well. Some curling irons only have one heating setting while others have up to 10. Curling Iron vs. Tourmaline produces negative ion technology which adds moisture and smoothens the hair cuticle which helps cut down frizz. Roll the iron over the strand of hair that you are trying to curl and hold it for about 10 seconds instead of 5. We have our little wands to make us have tiny little bouncy curls or to give us big fancy beachy waves but always make us feel confident, make us love our hair. If you love uniform and formal look, a curling iron … Curling Wand vs. If keeping your hair curled all day is a concern, it’s pretty clear that curling wands are more effective. But, with a set of hot rollers, you can roll up your hair and get other things done while the rollers set. So, we have discussed the similarities and differences between the Curling wand and curling iron. This is going to be another consideration when you decide which curling device to use. The barrel of a curling iron can be made from 3 … Personally, I like curling iron. The curling iron, or better known as a curling wand, works in a similar fashion to their flat iron curl counterparts with a couple of advantages. There is no clear winner or loser in this comparison, both have their pros and cons. Well, you've come to the right place! The disadvantage is that they do not deliver as quality of a curl as curling wands. I use a flatiron daily to curl but it makes smaller curls/waves and I’d like to try for larger waves instead. The curling wand creates polished ringlets – hair that spirals downward (think Shirley Temple). When it comes to hair wand vs curling iron, the hair wand usually increases gradually in size as you go down the diameter of the barrel. The tool is meant to create natural looking waves (like beachy waves) to mimic a more natural hair texture. FYI – You say “wand” in both paragraphs under What are they used for? It is available in cylinder, reverse cone, or conical shapes. What should I be using each of them for? Take a look at some examples of the best 3 barrel curling iron to see some more flexible options. While each one is better for a different use, there are certain themes and trends that you can identify to know which one you should purchase and use regularly. Thank Yoooouuuu :) Great compared article. Thank you, Pingback: links I’m lovin | allison | nicole, Pingback: The Real Difference Between a Curling Wand and a Curling Iron | Hawt Fashion. I feel like I’ve mastered the curling iron but my curls don’t hold up. This will be adequate time. While curling irons can take up to a few minutes to heat up to the adequate temperature, curling wands are able to heat up nearly instantly. You can create everything from tight curls to voluminous waves to piece-y waves. Take care! Now that we have more information on curling irons, it’s time to take a look at the competition, curling wands. Unlike a curling wand, a curling iron comes has a clasp that holds the hair which allows more versatile styling. The conical style is one size down the diameter similar to a curling iron. If you ask me, I find a curling iron to be much easier to use simply because the device curls my hair in seconds. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. If you’re on the same page as me, then let’s walk through today’s breakdown of curling iron vs. curling wand. Next in the curling iron vs. curling wand discussion are the functions of the wand. I bought a good curling wand 2 months ago now I feel good . Required fields are marked *. Steam Tech Automatic Curling Iron. There are actually two types of cordless curling irons based on how they are powered, which can either be with butane cartridges or rechargeable batteries. I have noticed you don’t monetize advicefromatwentysomething.com, don’t waste When it comes to your hair, you wouldn’t settle for anything subpar. Just thought you might want to know it “cord” not “chord”. I love this post. To use a curling wand, hold the wand in one hand and a strand of hair in the other hand. Curling Irons allow you to create spiral curls and elegant ringlets by looping the hair section around the heated bar and holding in place with the safety clamp. They do take some getting used to, but the flexibility and quality that you gain when you use a curling wand is undeniable. I’m constantly adjusting/loosening and tightening with the clamp, whereas with the wand I just sit there and hold the piece of hair. Curling iron vs wand ensures even curls from the roots to ends. Since curling wands have no clamps, it can be made with any irregular shapes and sizes, allowing the user to achieve unique curls with more dimension and character. One of the most common questions that women have is whether a curling wand or curling iron is best. Curling irons require your full attention. It also gives your hair shine and smoothness, being a good choice for frizzy and thick hair. I'm from the east coast, but always felt like a Californian at heart, so I made my way to San Francisco after college and haven't looked back. One of the primary concerns for anyone curling their hair with a curling iron is how fast they can heat up. How do I use them? The larger the barrel, the looser the curl. For me, curling with an iron just seems to take more skill. But learning which tool will work best for you can be a little tricky. I agree, I too would choose the curling wand, but only by a whisker. There are a lot of key differences between a curling iron and a curling wand and while they function in a lot of the same ways, they also are able to achieve varying levels of success based on these key differences. If you are looking for a more luxury experience with better results, it’s undeniable that a curling wand is superior when it comes down to the differences in the way that it’s constructed. Heat settings are important because some people want the flexibility that comes with having multiple heat settings available for use. I think they both look pretty much the same and I would use both :). Today on The Young and the Rest of Us... People ask me all the time about wands vs. curling irons.

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